Schedule a Free Consultation Now!  Coaching is done face-to-face, over the phone, through Skype and FaceTime, and even via email correspondence.  The choice is entirely yours.  The consultation for a Life Coach session is an important step to make sure we are good fit.  It takes about 20 minutes and I’ll answer any questions you have that are not addressed on the FAQ page.

Ground Up is customizable and our coaching is as unique as you.  You make a minimum upfront commitment of ten weeks, with a weekly 60 minute coaching session.  Before each session ends we will Goal check. You choose how much practice you want between sessions and I’ll help you with accountability.

To realize the full benefits and value of having a Life Coach, you will  practice, be stretched, and be able to find ground outside your comfort zone. You’re here to get things done.  This is your chance to put solution based action to your life. Through the services we provide at Ground Up Coaching you will learn how your mind works, why it works that way and, most importantly, how YOU can control it to achieve permanent results that YOU choose.

Have Confidence in Your Investment.  Have Confidence in Yourself!

If you’re not satisfied that you’re heading in a new direction you can stop anytime and I will refund you for any coaching sessions you may have left. No questions asked. You will have made a strong improvement in moving in the direction you want just by signing up!